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Yes, we do ship globally. However, due to the pandemic, shipping to certain countries is either not available or very costly. If you cannot place an order directly on our website, please contact us for a quote. I need to check with our postal office first. 
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3D printing is a very mature technology and has been extensively applied in various fields, including but not limited to medicine, construction, aviation, and auto parts design and production.  We are using both SLA and FDM technologies in the production of our designs. The common materials we use include ABS, PC, and various industrial-grade resins. These materials, after formed or cured, are stiff and resilient (metal is not resilient). Of course, they are not as robust as metallic materials. However, they have numerous advantages. For instance, the are much lighter (about 1/4 of a metal piece of the same volume) and can be customized and produced on demand. Since they are resilient and not as stiff as rock, they can absorb impact in the event of a bike crash or fall to the ground, preventing your body from being hurt and your bike from being damaged.